KUBE 37 GAMES SRL is a creative studio which offer creative design solutions. The products made by the studio are sold online through the online store available at kube37.com/Store  KUBE 37 GAMES SRL it’s a limited liability company, headquartered in Bucharest, Calea Dudesti 123B, registered in the trade register with the number J40 /11611 /2016,  CUI 36484742 and unique identifier at European level ROONRC J40/11611/2016. The client can easily contact KUBE 37 representatives at phone no +40720623169 or by e-mail at support@kube37.com Prices displayed represent the total cost of the products with all the taxes included. The payment is possible only through PAYPAL or by CREDIT CARD and the payment methods are fully described in paragraph 13. The contract is concluded through downloading the products and by paying the price. The client knows the fact that the products are only provided in digital format, understands and agree that the products are not supplied as a physical support.


Ordering the products displayed n the website can only be realized by accepting the terms and conditions contained in this document. Considering these and for the best use of the site we recommend reading the document completely. Accepting the terms and conditions is voluntary, but necessary to create the account in order to download the products. KUBE 37 GAMES SRL assumes the right to make changes of the following provisions and also upon any changes regarding the website, it’s structure or any other modifications that could affect the website without any prior notice for the users. The most recent version of this document will be published on this page, and in case that changes will be made, it will only be available in the updated version. For any clarification or additional information the client can contact KUBE 37 GAMES SRL via phone +40720623169 or by e-mail at support@kube37.com


General terms and conditions will be applied to all the products sold to the Buyer, created by KUBE 37 GAMES SRL via the online store kube37.com/Store and can be unilaterally modified by KUBE 37 GAMES SRL without prior notification of the users. Modified general terms and conditions of KUBE 37 GAMES SRL will be communicated to the clients that have an account and have ordered products in other conditions. The following terms will mean:

User  – Any person that visit or interacts with the website  kube37.com/Store

Client – Any person that registered as a user.

Buyer – Client who downloaded a product and agreed to the terms and conditions of present contract by distance.

Seller – KUBE 37 GAMES SRL is a company from Bucuresti, Calea Dudesti, Nr. 123B, Et. 5, Ap. 121, registered in the trade register no J40 /11611 /2016, CUI 36484742 and unique identifier at European level ROONRC.J40/11611/2016.

Goods – Any digital product displayed on the site for download.

Download – Product transfer from the seller server to buyer computer.

Price – displayed price is final and is in USD ( no VAT, because KUBE 37 GAMES S.R.L. is not VAT registered – do not pay VAT ) Any other extra conversion fees or 3rd party fess ( eg PAYPAL fee, Credit Card currency conversion fees, etc) are not included in the final price and KUBE 37 GAMES SRL cannot be held responsible for any 3rd party fees.

Web Pages – information such as text, images, prices, data bases, logos, promotions, offers, animations, movies and anything else that can be found on kube37.com/Store

Password –  a sequence of numbers, letters and special characters needed for the user to access the Account. Password is established by the client when the client is creating an Account. Client has the obligation to keep password safe and secure without sharing it with any 3rd parties. The Seller is offering the client the option to change the password if needed.

Account – Electronic service, identified by username (Login) and Password entered by the Client. The data collected by the Seller is allowing the Client to buy and download Seller products. Client can access store account using username and password.  Account allows the Seller to save data like first name, last name and client email address. Client in the account is able to see status of the order, order history, order download.

Cart – Service offered to any buyer who is using K37Store e-commerce store which allows product overview and the total amount price for the order. Shopping cart is collecting the products that are about to be bought by the Client in order to sign selling products contract.

Newsletter – Electronic service which allows the Seller to send promotional offers, discounts and other marketing offers to the subscribes by email with the approved consent of the subscribers/buyers.

Product – Digital creative that can be downloaded from the store by the Buyer.

Promotions – special selling conditions for some products or services on the store proposed by the Seller for a certain time frame when Buyer can benefit for the mentioned specified conditions ( eg: Price discount for a certain time frame for certain products or services ).

Online Store – Online e-commerce store which allows product downloads by the Buyer available at kube37.com/Store

Confirmed Download – product transfer from server confirmed by seller electronic server system.

Contract – current mentioned terms, above and below.

Consumer Rights, law – OUG 34/2014 regarding consumer rights  for contracts signed by distance, OG 130/2000 regarding personal data protection for contract by distance signing and execution.

Selling products Contract – between KUBE 37 GAMES SRL, as seller and a buyer, by KUBE 37 GAMES SRL, online by accessing kube37.com/Store

Moment of signing for Distance Contract – with the buyer is the moment when the confirmation email is receive for the placed order.

Intellectual property Rights – all rights and materials such know-how, copyrights, data base rights, pattern rights, pattents, registered marks , name registered and domain names for all mentioned above.

Store working hours: Orders can be placed anytime. Once with payment confirmation client will receive on registered email the download links and invoice for the order. These can be accessed as well from Client Account on the store.

Client support working hours: 9:00 -18:00 GMT+3, Monday – Friday, except legal holidays. Email: support@kube37.com, Phone +40720623169





Downloading the products is possible only digitally on the store. The products cannot be ordered by phone call and send to the buyer. The moment when the contract is concluded is the moment when the download is showing as complete on the seller server system. Products can be used as per their specific license and not otherwise. See FAQ for more info.


To download the seller will make available on the site the products for the Customer. The modification or certain aspects of the products displayed is not possible. It is considered that the downloaded products are in accordance with the purchase contract, if they are indentital with the products displayed on the website. The Seller is not responsible if the devices of the Customer do not allow viewing the downloaded products at the same standards as on the website. The lack of conformity is virtually impossbille.


The name of the website and also the graphic insignia are registered trademarks owned by KUBE 37 GAMES SRL and cannot be taken, copied or used without written consent of the owner. It is considered that the downloaded products are in accordance with the purchase contract if they are identical with the products displayed on the website.


The Privacy Policy is available here.


In case the products cannot be downloaded the Customer must inform the Seller. The Seller is not responsible if the product cannot be downloaded for non-imputable computer reasons ( for example internet connection speed )  or for the digital products which do not fall within the specifications in the preamble.


Any intent to access in an unauthorized anner personal data of other client, to modify the content for the store or to affect server performance of the store, the affected client will be immediately noticed. We will notice as well ANSPDCP and the criminal investigations institutions.


Any dispute between CLIENT and SELLER will be resolved in amiable agreement. In case that we don’t come to a common ground on the amiable agreement, the case will be adjudged by law court from Romania.


Products displayed on the store can be downloaded more than one time by same buyer or different buyers with the necessary payment for each download. Product price displayed on kube37.com/Store can be modified without prior notice.


Products that are sold are not refundable. We offer refunds only under 1 condition: if the product was not downloaded for 7 days after the purchase. If more than 7 days passed you are not eligible for a refund. Service packs are not refundable at all.


Products can be downloaded only on the website at kube37.com/Store.  Payment will be made by PAYPAL or by CREDIT CARD. 


The buyer is the owner of the item bought based on the license bought for that specific product. Products cannot be used in other scope except as described on the license.


Product license must be used as described on the license file. Standard License means that product cannot be sold to other users. It can be used without charging the users. Extended License means that product can be sold to other users, user are charged for.


Cause beyond control ( unforeseeable,  uncontrolled and imminent event that affects contract course ), removes accountability of the party that claims it.


Contract relations between parties are governed by romanian law. Any dispute which cannot be resolved by amiable agreement the case will be sent to be adjudged by law courts.



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