KUBE 37 GAMES SRL is a creative studio that offers creative design solutions. The products that we sell are created by the studio. This privacy policy explains the way personal data that is provided by customers (that download the products) is stored and protected. Private data, name, surname, email address get to KUBE 37 GAMES SRL when the client creates an account and downloads the product from the site. All this data is necessary for the download of the product in optimal conditions and as a response for eventual claims. Personal data are operated and necessary in order to download the product. Data are stored automatically in the system and used for the issuing of the invoice after confirming the PAYPAL or CREDIT CARD payment. These data remain stored in the system to ease the ordering/download process in the future and will be kept until the client requires to be deleted. Stored private data will not be available for other users. The purpose of this procedure is to guarantee and protect the rights and fundamental liberties of physical person, especially the right to intimate and familial private life regarding personal data processing. It is important to read this procedure to know how technical, security and organization measures are implemented, to protect private data against unauthorized or illegal processing, against accidental loss, destruction, deterioration, larceny or disclosure. If you disagree with this policy we recommend that you dont use our services.


Art. 1 Information we process: your data (name, surname, email address) get into our possession when a CLIENT registers for a user account. We dont collect private data from the users if they dont register for a user account. Also stored data are not disclosed to other recipients. It is possible to collect nonpersonal data, regarding the territory from which the site was accessed and the accessed pages. These nonpersonal data are utilized for marketing internal purposes. For details read Cookie Policy in Art 6.

Art. 2 Identification and authentication of the client. CLIENT is every person that created a user account. To create an account the client has to fill in username, and email address. After creating the account, registration is done through password (string of characters) from the keyboard. Tow users cannot have same password. Long term unused accounts can be deactivated. After deactivating the account it is possible to store private data for a reasonable time for audit purposes. If a client notices the deactivation and sends and email for deleting private data, these will be erased. Passwords will be periodically changed by the CLIENT if security policy requires it. The CLIENT that refuses the password change wont be able to access the account

Art. 3 The purpose of processing private data. We will private data to offer the CLIENT the products described on the website, in order to facilitate and process payments, to facilitate a future order, to answer CLIENT claims and to inform the CLIENT about security changes. The purpose of collecting data will vary depending on every CLIENT needs and on marketing. Clients that expressed their consent will receive newsletters regarding promotions, sales or operational news. So the purposes of processing private data will be certainly established by the CLIENT. Client that initially opted for receiving newsletters and after doesnt want to receive them anymore, can deactivate or change his initial preferences accessing account settings.

Art. 4  Storage of data. Private data are automatically processed and stored in a file that can be only accessed by password by the administrator of the company. After the data are transferred in encrypted file located on the server. The access to the store server can be made trough authentication with username and password. Password is only know by the administrator of the company. Mentioned data are stored in the file for 2 years, to be used as evidence in case of investigations, and they will be deleted at client request. When stored data volume will impose creating safety copies, the CLIENT will be immediately informed. The client is responsible for keeping secret the password from his/her own account. The CLIENT understands that if discloses to someone else the password from his/her own account, that person has access to his/her private data.

Art. 5 Marketing communications. In case we have the client freely expressed consent after we introduce the personal data we can send marketing communications regarding sales, promotions or operational news. After receiving such communications the client can quit them by checking the unsubscribe option. The client has the right to be informed regarding the purpose of processing private data and has the right to access the right to require data deletion if needed. The client has also the right to intervene on his/her own private data for update, blocking, deleting or transferring into anonymous data. Client that delete their active account do not automatically delete personal data from the encrypted file that is stored on. These will be deleted on client’s request by company’s administrator. In case of unauthorized access of personal data, we will immediately inform  the client and the competent authority will support the client protection.

Art. 6 Cookie policy. We use cookie modules and similar technologies. These technologies track the user behavior on our website. We use these technologies to offer some features, for instance, the CLIENT doesn’t have to introduce his data every time he/she loggs in, or downloads a product. These technologies also help to provide relevant marketing or publicity content. These technologies do not collect private identification data, but anonymous data which are collected and stored separately from the private data. If a client decides to not accept our cookies, it is possible to have not such a pleasant shopping experience, than in the situation he/she accepts them. If a client accepts our cookies, accepts that our website ( our server ) to transmit to his/her hard disk small fragments of information. This information will be used in the purpose described above. Cookie files cannot be used to transmit viruses or to run software/programs.

Art. 7 Children privacy/confidentiality. In case we find out that there’s been stored personal data from a child under 13, these will be deleted in the shortest time. If a child under 13 created an account the parent can write us an email ad for keeping the account or for deleting the account data.

Art. 8 Accepting privacy policy. Any visitor that creates an account on our website becomes our CLIENT and states that read this regulation carefully, understood its content and agrees with it. If someone didn’t understand clearly the terms we suggest writing us an email at to clarify. Do not to become a client or use this website if you disagree with policy privacy.  If the necessities will impose it the privacy policy will be modified as needed.

Art. 9 Additional information. Last policy update was on 31.05.2018, is the only version available on the site and is valid until further notice. For any other questions regarding personal data and the way of how we are using these please get in touch at





Terms and Conditions will apply to all products sold by the Buyer made by  KUBE 37 GAMES SRL, within online store and can be modified by KUBE 37 GAMES SRL without any further notice.  Modified general Terms and Conditions by KUBE 37 GAMES SRL will be communicated to the clients that have an account or ordered products in other conditions. Terms mean as follows:

User  – Any person that visit or interacts with the website

Client – Any person that registered as a user.

Buyer – Client who downloaded a product and agreed to the terms and conditions of present contract by distance.

Seller – KUBE 37 GAMES SRL is a company from Bucuresti, Calea Dudesti, Nr. 123 B –Strada Matache Dobrescu, Nr.8, Et. 5, Ap. 121, Registrul Comertului no J40 /11611 /2016, CUI 36484742 and unique european identification no ROONRC.J40/11611/2016.

Goods – Any digital product displayed on the site for download.

Download – Product transfer from the seller server to buyer computer.

Price – displayed price is final and is in USD ( no VAT, because KUBE 37 GAMES S.R.L. is not VAT registered – do not pay VAT ). Any other extra conversion fees or 3rd party fess are not included in the final price and KUBE 37 GAMES SRL cannot be held responsible for any 3rd party fees.

Web Pages – information such as text, images, prices, data bases, logos, promotions, offers, animations, movies and anything else that can be found on

Password –  a sequence of numbers, letters and special characters needed for the user to access the Account. Password is established by the client when the client is creating an Account. Client have the obligation to keep password safe and secure without sharing it with any 3rd parties. The Seller is offering the client the option to change the password if needed.

Account – electronic service, identified by username (Login) and Password entered by the Client. The data collected by the Seller is allowing the Client to buy and download Seller products. Client can access store account using username and password.  Account allows the Seller to save data like first name, last name and client email address. Client in the account is able to see status of the order, order history, order download.

Cart – Service offered to any buyer who is using K37Store e-commerce store which allows product overview and the total amount price for the order. Shopping cart is collecting the products that are about to be bought by the Client in order to sign selling products contract. 

Newsletter – Electronic service which allows the Seller to send promotional offers, discounts and other marketing offers to the subscribes by email with the approved consent of the subscribers/buyers.

Product – Digital creative that can be downloaded from the store by the Buyer.

Promotions – special selling conditions for some products or services on the store proposed by the Seller for a certain time frame when Buyer can benefit for the mentioned specified conditions ( eg: Price discount for a certain time frame for certain products or services ).

Online Store – Online e-commerce store which allows product downloads by the Buyer available at

Confirmed Download – product transfer from server confirmed by seller electronic server system.

Contract – current mentioned terms, above and below.

Consumer Rights, law – OUG 34/2014 regarding consumer rights  for contracts signed by distance, OG 130/2000 regarding personal data protection for contract by distance signing and execution.

Selling products Contract – between KUBE 37 GAMES SRL, as seller and a buyer, by KUBE 37 GAMES SRL, online by accessing

Moment of signing for Distance Contract – with the buyer is the moment when the confirmation email is receive for the placed order.

Intellectual property Rights – all rights and materials such know-how, copyrights, data base rights, pattern rights, pattents, registered marks , name registered and domain names for all mentioned above.

Store working hours: Orders can be placed anytime. Once with payment confirmation client will receive on registered email the download links and invoice for the order. These can be accessed as well from Client Account on the store.

Client support working hours: 9:00 -18:00 GMT+3, Monday – Friday, except legal holidays. Email:, Phone +40720623169



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