Q: What license I should buy?

A: License type depends on how you want to use the product. See license section for more details.

Q: What is a PSD file?

A: PSD is a layered file that can be edited, layered, turned off etc. Is a default file source file that comes from Adobe Photoshop. Photoshop is the software that was used to create the products of our store. Some products may be vector based as well. Please check product description for details before buying it.

Q: Is the PDS file editable?

A: Yes, all PSD files are editable. You will need to have basic photoshop knowledge in order to do any edits on the purchased files.

Q: Can you help in editing an item that I bought?

A: Yes, we are glad to help. You will have to buy an editing pack such Silver, Gold or Premium editing pack.

Q: Is there any help file in the files that I download?

A: Yes, all products have included in the download package a help file among the source files for the product.

Q: Where I can download the file?

A: Once payment is confirmed an email will be sent to your registered mail. You will find download link there and also on your account under Download section.

Q: How do I order?

A: Select your product by clicking on the product image. On product page Select License type and after click Add to basket. Go to Basket and click Proceed to Checkout. Here add your billing information if this is your first order. Review your order and if everything is in place check I’ve read and accept the terms & conditions at the bottom. Make sure you check terms before you agree to them. After that click Proceed to Paypal. You will be redirected to paypal payment page where you can pay the order by paypal if you have an account or using your credit card if you don’t have a Paypal Account. Once payment is confirmed you will be redirected to our store and you can download the files for your order.

Q: Where is the email for my order?

A: Email for your order should be on your inbox. Depends on server this may take few minutes to get it. If is not in your inbox make sure that you check spam folder as well. If is not there as well this mean that there is a payment issue and the order is not completed.

Q: Are the images included in the products?

A: Depends on the product, some products are 100% made in house. For others, we use stock images. Stock images are not included in the downloaded files. You will have though a link included in the help file and you can buy the image and related license that you need. Please read product description carefully before placing your order.

Q: Am I allowed to modify the item purchased??

A: Yes. You can customize our items to fit the needs of your end product.

Q: I need help with some creative services for my business? Can you help?

A: Yes. We offer full design services like web design, branding, illlustrations, game design, photo retouching, photo manipulations, mobile app design, web app design, social media, google banners, facebook and instagram creatives, motion design etc. Feel free to get in touch in order to discuss details. Please visit kube37.com and kube37.com/Games in order to see our work.

Q: Where is my invoice?

A: You can find your invoice for your transaction in the email that you receive for your order, as an attachment or in your account under Downloads section.

Q: Works on the store are copyrighted?

A: Yes, Content of K37STORE is owned by KUBE 37 GAMES SRL. You cannot copy, use, redistribute the content of the website in any way without  written consent.




Q: Who is K37STORE?

A: K37STORE is an e-commerce store that is selling digital goods that can lift up your business. It belongs to KUBE 37 GAMES SRL, CUI 36484742,  Reg. No: J40/11611/2016, Calea Dudesti 123B, Bucharest, Romania. By accessing the site or purchasing Digital Products through this site, you agree to these terms and entering into a contract with our company.

Q: What kind of information you collect?

A: We collect certain personal information about our users. The most common types of information we collect are things like: user names,  email addresses, billing address, payment information such as payment agent. We use cookies as well in order to offer you a better shopping experience.

Q: How do you use this information?

A: We are using this information to send you the download links for the files that you purchased, communicating with you and offering support for your orders, sending you promotional offers, gathering data to be used for marketing purposes and improving our services and produts offered on the store. Your full name, we use this to identify you in received store orders. Your email address, we use this to communicate with you, the customer. Your country of residence, we need this to accurately determine what VAT to apply to your order if applicable. Your IP address, this is required for VAT purposes to help establish your country of residence. We collect as well Google Analytics information about our visitors in order to improve our services and products and to offer you a better shopping experience.

Q: What creating an account means for a user?

A: By creating an account on K37STORE you agree to our terms and conditions and policy. If you wish not to receive special offers as newsletters please get in touch, and we will remove you from the special offers program.

Q: Are these terms unchangeable?

A: This terms and conditions may change at any time without further notice. Please check these before you purchase a product. By purchasing a product you agree to these terms.

Q: When the term were updated last time?

A: Terms on this page were updated last time on  31.05.2018






Q: What type of payments do you accept?

A: We accept paypal and credit cards. Don’t have a paypal account? No worries, you can still make a purchase using a credit card. We accept all credit cards that ca be used on paypal.

Q: Do you store payment information?

A: All payment is made trough paypal gateway. We do not store any payment information on our website such credit card number, expiry date, name on the card, cvc code or any other private paypal information. We store though the type of payment that you used for your order, if it was made by credit car or by paypal.

Q: How about VAT?

A: By placing an order the customer agrees they may have to provide their country of residence during the order process for the purposes of calculating the correct amount of VAT to apply to the order, if applicable. We are VAT free registered so at the moment you won’t have to pay VAT.

Q: What currency do you use?

A: All prices displayed on the store are in USD. K37STORE is not in charge with any conversion fees or any third party fees if a conversion is needed in order to complete your payment.

Q: Is your store using SSL?

A: Yes, our store is using a SSL Certificate even we don’t process any payment on our servers.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: Yes under one condition. The file that you bought should have not been downloaded. If you downloaded the file that you bought you are not eligible for a refund. If passed more than 7 days since you bought the product you are not also eligible for refund. You are not eligible to a refund if you don’t know how to edit the file or purchased a wrong product, you ask for goodwill or you can no longer access the item because it has been removed (we advise you to download items as soon as you buy them to avoid this situation). We do not offer refund for services ( Silver, Gold and Platinum)

Q: What will happen with my download if I ask for a refund?

A: In the event that we do issue a refund, your access to the Digital Product that you purchased will be revoked.




Q: What is a Standard License?

A: Standard License – your end product is distributed for free, users are not charged for, like an instagram post, blog post, website, etc as long as the end users can freely access the end product.

Q: What is an Extended License?

A: Extended License –  your end product may be sold, users are charged for.

Q: Is multi use, multi-domain, multi-client allowed? ?

A: Yes if you buy and extended License. Standard License do not cover multi-domain, multi-usage.

Example: You can use it in a post on your website or blog, facebook and instagram, etc. You cannot use same item on 2 instagram accounts, 2 facebook accounts, 2 websites – you will need a extended license for this type of usage ( multi usage ) or another Standard License.

Q: Can I resell the items that I buy? Use them on On-demand Services?

A: Yes as far as you buy and Extended License.

Example: You have a store that is selling customized t-shirts with printed message. You can use the product that you buy on your t-shirts that you are selling if you buy an Extended License for that product. If you want to print a product that used a shutterstock image, make sure you get the right license for that image as well.

Q: How many prints I can make then?

A: You can make up to 50.000 copies using 1 Extended License.

Example: Yout have a store that is selling customized t-shirts with printed message. You can print 50.000 copies of that t-shirt, in different sizes but no more than 50.000 total. If you need to print more than 50.000 you will need to buy another Extended License.

Q: Do I have exclusive rights if I buy an Extended License?

A: No, you don’t have exclusive rights to the product that you bought. This means that there are other people on the world that have bought same product as you did, even it was an Extended License.

Q: Are there any restrictions on how i can use the licensed products?

A: Products cannot be used for sensitive subjects. A sensitive subject is that could be offensive or highly unflattering. Products cannot be used to support sexual activity, pornography (adult content), substance abuse, tobacco use, or immoral or illegal activity.  You cannot also create a similar service and compete with k37Sore using the products that you buy from us. This is not an exhaustive list so if you’re not sure about this please get in touch.




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