Upendo is a game app with social impact. Donate time while playing the game and help others in need. Giving is better than receiving. Donate time, be an Upendonian now.



Cute night lamps and sweet music for kids to fall asleep. Perfect to fall asleep with your kids, tell bedtime stories and beyond. Good night!



Learn while having fun? Is it possible? It is now with Adadi. A fun learning app to play with your kids. Wild animals, super fruits and cute veggies. Adventure awaits you!!!


Nutty Fall

Fun is only a tap away. Collecting nunts while flying trought the storm is your target but be aware of other obstacles. How far can you make it?


Bottle Flipz

A fun and challeging flipping game. Avoid obstacles and land on your feet. How fast can you spin? Can you make it back on your feet?


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